James (Big) and Lucas (Little)

Imagine the challenges in raising two young children at 67 and 65 years. That’s why Lucas’ grandparents encouraged him to join Big Brothers Big Sisters. Since Lucas has had a big brother, it has changed his life for the positive. James is not only a big brother to Lucas, he’s also his best friend. Lucas [...] Read more

A Powerful Impact – a Parent’s story

A Powerful Impact – Heather’s Story I want to tell you about an awesome organization that has had a powerful impact on my family – Big Brothers Big Sisters.  My children’s Dad passed away when Robyn and Ryan were just 5 and 6 years old.  It goes without saying that was very difficult period for […]

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Mentoring Moments – Joshua’s Story

My entire childhood was spent as the only child of a single mom. I was fairly physically inactive as a kid, we lived in housing and there were plenty of other kids, but it took encouragement to get me off my duff and outside. That’s not to say I was couch-bound the majority of my […]

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Sonia’s Story

Is Mentoring all that Meaningful and Magical?  You bet it is! By Sonia B. Glover, Big Sister All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them. – Earvin “Magic” Johnson We all know that mentoring a child is a good thing. It’s common sense, really.  We’ve heard about the […]

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