The trauma from adverse childhood experiences can last a lifetime, and without early intervention is can define a lifetime. Right now is a critical time to focus on children’s health and wellbeing, and their futures.  Loneliness and social isolation can be difficult for all of us, but vulnerable families and children will suffer the most. In fact, many children and young people are facing increased adversities in their lives.

The demand for our programs has increased 68% this past year alone, making it our highest in over 10 years!

It’s $1200 a year to support One Big and Little match and in 2021 we matched 213 young people.

We are committed to maintaining and supporting the vital mentoring relationships we create. As the need for mentors increases, we work diligently to meet the need but it is only possible with your support. Every dollar makes a difference.

Thank you for donating to help young people thrive by giving the gift of presence. We truly are #BiggerTogether