How to create your team or individual fundraising page

STEP 1 – Start your team or individual fundraising page by clicking on the FUNDRAISE button and setting your goal.

STEP 2 – Get creative/customize your page! Once you complete the online sign up, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to personalize your team & individual fundraising page. This is an important step! Add a photo, update the text and make your page your own by customizing your description, sharing how long you have been involved with BBBS or why you’re supporting this event. If you are a team captain and want to have individual fundraising pages, team members can JOIN YOUR TEAM and create and customize their own page. This is needed if individuals want a personal fundraising link to send out and share. If you are going to fundraise just as a team, then you may not need personal pages.

STEP 3- Share your fundraising page with your network and ask them to contribute. Send your team or individual fundraising link in an email, text, post on your social media and ask others to support you in your fundraising. Be sure to TEST THE LINK FIRST. You want to make sure you send the right link so always start with sending the link to yourself in an email or text and then click to make sure it works!

For more information or to request help in setting up your page or contact Kelly or Maddy 368-5437 or email