Peeler Cards – Interest to Sell

This year’s card is valued at over $475 in savings. The cost of each Peeler Card will be $15, the first increase in more than 15 years. We do partner with various schools and groups assisting many in raising thousands of dollars every year. Groups earn $6 for every card they sell. There is no upfront cash required. Most schools sell through an order form. Sports teams, dance groups, etc typically take cards to sell and return funds in 2 weeks. If you are interested, please complete the following information for your school or group and someone will contact you when cards are available and if we are able to partner. If you have any questions, contact Kelly at

Please be specific as multiple requests are received from similar groups.
We start every group with a box of 200 but groups have sold up to 1000
Please indicate the month between September – January
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