The Big Brothers Big Sisters Big Igniters is a passionate group of young professionals (age 22 – 39) who volunteer their time to support the mandate of the organization while building connections and having fun along the way.

Meeting monthly over some pizza, the committee supports the agency in three key ways:

  1. By developing funds for programming through the execution of 2 marquee events each year.
  2. Driving brand awareness of Big Brothers Big Sisters through supporting the agencies marketing and promotional strategy.
  3. Assisting in the recruitment of volunteers and mentors needed for programming through leveraging personal and professional networks.

In it’s initial year, we’re currently seeking 10-14 young professionals from an array of backgrounds to formulate the committee. As a member, your commitment would include:

  • Attending at least 50% of the monthly meetings
  • Attending the two Big Igniter led events each year and assisting in their planning and execution
  • Comfortable spreading the word within your personal and professional networks about Big Brothers Big Sisters and all the amazing work they do in the community
  • A passion for building a brighter future for the next generation


The Committee Members:

Chris Dunne, Director of Agency Development, Idea Factory [Chair]
Robyn Budgell, Marketing Manager, Cal Legrow
Taylor Power, Client Success Manager, Idea Factory
Nicole Furey, Social Worker, Eastern Health
Laura Marshall, Mental Health, RNC Crisis Unit
Dana Brewer, Enterprise Sales Development, Ada
Matthew Bailote, Payroll Manager, Eastern Health
Nadaira Walsh, Information & Privacy Coordinator, Gov NL
Antonia Francis, Master Student, Memorial University 
Courtney Rowsell, Manager, TaskforceNL
Kristina Kearney, Director, WORKFORCE by Avara

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